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Exquisite egg -Protected tree

Exquisite egg -Protected tree


Handblown and Pysanky-decorated chicken egg with a Christmas tree and mini pine cones/berries on one side and a stylized candle image on the other side. Augmented with a protective wreath.  Please note that there may be an additional shipping charge applied to this item due to the extra measure that need to be taken to protect the product.  If this is the case, then you will be notified before the order goes out.

  • Disclaimer

    Please note that these ornaments are made from real eggs and are, therefore, going to be fragile.  Although each ornament has been protected with about 10 layers of glazing material, they may still get damaged if dropped or otherwise mistreated.  P2Creations is not liable for breakage of ornaments once they are in your possession.

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