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Playing with Fire

Wow!  What a great time!  So yesterday, my co-teacher, Katiri, my good friend, Anastasia, and I met to do a dry run for our upcoming water casting class at the Arlington Gem and Mineral Club .    It was a blast!  Once again, I was reminded that play is an essential part of the creative process (even when you are playing with fire).  

That being said, the experience also reminded me of the importance of being comfortable with ambiguity as part of the creative process. Despite our collective previous experiences with casting of various kinds, we still encountered challenges and unexpected events. For example, we had to try three different types of torches before we finally landed on the fourth one that actually worked. 

I have found that this is a typical experience for me on this journey.  Now for some people, this would be frustrating and, possibly, unnerving. For me, however, it is another accepted and necessary part of the creative process and the learning that accompanies it.  How boring would life be if everything worked out exactly as we expected and how limiting if we were not presented with opportunities to learn and grow. 

My advice to those who may be unnerved by the ambiguity and uncertainty of the creativite process is to take the time to mentally prepare yourself. If you expect roadblocks and challenges, then you are less likely to be thrown off when you do encounter them. Like everything else in life, perfection is an illusion. Even the most refined, polished, and professional looking piece of jewelry began as a creative mess at some point. Perseverance, patience, and what I refer to as play are all essential ingredients. Embrace them!

Until next time, stay safe, stay sane, make time to play, and have fun!

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