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Confessions of a Creativity Junkie!

As I tried to (for the thousandth time this year) organize my art, jewelry, craft, lapidary supplies and tools this morning, it occurred to me that I have become an art junkie and hoarder. Yes, my husband and sons have never ceased to tell me so but it was not until today that the implications of this really hit home. No, I am not horrified at my blatant disregard for the impact my hoarding has on those around me or on the less than model environment of my dwelling. Instead, I realized just how much creative potential is all around me! Granted, I have turned my entire house into a studio, but who can blame me? I am an empty nester, after all. Aren't we supposed repurpose our children's rooms once they set off for college?

Seriously, I read somewhere that a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind. What a wonderful mantra (and excuse) to explain why my abode constantly looks like it has been hit in the middle of stock-taking by a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or other natural phenomenon (such as Nadira in the creative process)! The problem is that all of this hoarding, while certainly beneficially informing my creative process, can also stymie me as it becomes overwhelming.

The other issue is that I almost never seem to have either the right or the proper amount of tools for the task I wish to complete. "Oh, I should have bought those pliers I saw yesterday at Rock Barrell. I wonder if Rio has those engravers I need? Ooh, maybe the thrift store will have the containers I need to organize my things. If only I could find the one thing that will help me finish off this piece...." Yes, the ongoing dialogue in my head usually consists of such statements. The problem is that no matter how much I acquire, I always seem to be short of something. And let's not forget the consumables such as silver, copper, chemicals, etc. My poor husband. What a patient soul for putting up with me. On the plus side, I continue to come up with new and innovative ways to use art supplies and tools I bought in the mid to late 80s (and have kept with me through at least four different moves to three states).

Okay, so I have taken the first step in acknowledging that I have a problem. What next? Well, as long as my chaotic creative process continues to lead to positive results with my work, I don't think too much is going to change any time soon. So, sorry my friends and family, I don't think I will be inviting y'all home anytime soon in case you see the mess and judge us too badly. Maybe Ill' revisit the issue once I hit a roadblock or get too overwhelmed by the piles. In the meantime my, advice to all of you budding artists and craftspeople is do what works for you. Make sure to be aware of and considerate of those around you, but do not let them dictate your movements. Most of all, believe in yourself. In the final analysis, it is not the tools, resources, supplies, or instructions that will help you find fulfillment in your work. It is your inner drive, your creative impulse, and your belief in yourself.

Until next time, stay sane, stay reasonable, live creatively, and continue to dream big.

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